About Donny


Donny Dane, LMT

 Donny Dane is a life-long resident of Denton County.  He attended the University of North Texas where he studied the sciences. During this time, he worked in the Physics Department at UNT teaching astronomy laboratories, and then later pursued a career in computer science. Donny enjoyed the challenge of problem solving and finding solutions for his computer clients, but after the ‘tech bubble’ popped Donny began searching for a new career path.  

His search led him to Massage Therapy. He has been a Texas Board certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2003. Over the past decade he’s studied anatomy and physiology, and many different types of massage techniques extensively which allows him to adjust his methods and techniques based on the specific needs of his individual clients.  The first few years Donny was an LMT he primarily did “out calls” – he would bring his massage table to people’s homes. In 2013 he opened his own office in Lewisville, TX. He has worked to create an atmosphere that reflects his Celtic spirit, and is tranquil and relaxing for his clients.   

Donny has been married over 25 years to his wife Mary, and they live in Denton. They enjoy attending renaissance festivals, cooking together, traveling, and going to baseball games.